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We are your number one source in the UK for electric self balancing scooters/Hoverboards. Join the craze that started in the states and get involved in the fever and fun that is about to become one of the most popular fun time activities in the United Kingdom.

What is a self balancing Electric scooter? A self balancing electric scooter is always two wheeled there are no handles, so no holding on here guys, you control the scooter with your body's movement,much like a segway you control speed and direction by moving your body weight. They are very safe and have a maximum speed of around 10kmH, Charging is also quick on average taking 40 - 50 minutes but to continue the fun we advise having a spare.

Find your favourite colour, your favourite style and your favourite brand from our range of hand picked best value and best quality scooters in our store. Not sure what to get? or need some more advice then get in contact with us and we will be very happy to help. All Transactions go through Amazon.co.uk

All the scooters on this site are safe, they have been approved by us personally, they all have proper UK power plugs made to British Standards and have real CE marks. At Goscooter we only source safety assured scooters for the UK Market.


Get On Board and Let the Fun Begin!!!

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